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"The Business and Mindset design programme has created some big shifts for me and my business"

Sarah Wilks - Salon Owner


" The effects were noticeable immediately & the ongoing results phenomenal. "


Until I worked with Sam on my money mindset I hadn’t taken responsibility for where I was with my business.
I put everything down to reasons such as strategy or lack of knowledge on my part.
Sam very quickly addressed my own subliminal beliefs around money which I had been carrying around since childhood.
These beliefs (blocks) were affecting my business success & happiness in my self-employment.
Sam was able to remove my limiting beliefs around money & positively reframe my mindset.
The effects were noticeable immediately & the ongoing results were phenomenal.
I can’t recommend Sam’s coaching & methods more highly.
Sam is an incredibly talented & skilled professional. She is also an extremely kind & intuitive person who genuinely cares about her clients & their growth.

Anna Cordelia - Coach and Business Owner


"Where do I Start"

Natalie Toms
The last year would have looked a whole lot different if it wasn’t for having Sam coaching me through it all.
After working as a hairdresser in a salon for 15 years and only really knowing my working life there, it was a massive leap of faith leaving and starting up on my own along with adding a new business adventure.
I have been on a long road of working throw pain, beliefs, trauma, and lifelong patterns that were blocking me from taking the steps I needed to.
After stripping back to the real me and finding out my core values and putting in the work to find out what really serves me I have been able to let go of the things that don't serve me or help me achieve my goals.
My whole life looks so different and for the better.
Sam has given me the tools to now navigate through life and work any situation that gets thrown at me.
I’m so excited for my future and loving the happy true me that is shining through from me doing the inner work that was needed.
I am now working for myself and have also had a career change, as I’ve now found out what I’m good at and how I can grow my work doing what I’m really good at. I am working fewer hours than before and feel more fulfilled.
Sam, you’ve been amazing and my life is now full of joy, happiness, fun, and a positive outlook on what’s coming.
Thank you. 

"I have worked with so many coaches..."

Over the 6 years I have been in businesses, often switching or being unfulfilled when finishing my calls. I felt unheard, misaligned & also like I had to fit in with whatever they thought was the possible route. No one truly listened & brought out my own inner wisdom.
Sam showed something different, it wasn’t a ‘one size fits all’, it wasn’t a ‘do this or you won’t be successful’… it was a heart to heart conversation where she was fully present & I felt seen for the first time in what I was struggling with in my business, and in my life.
I started my sessions & instantly felt lighter. Not just for the style of mentoring Sam provided, but the wisdom and techniques truly blew me away & continue to as I implement them into every single part of day to day life.
There is no exaggeration that my mind feels clear, I feel I have direction, strategy & the best thing is… she gave me the tools to continually do this again and again. A coach/mentor however you’d put it, that actually teaches longevity to navigate the craziness we call life as an ambitious woman.
I can’t thank or recommend Sam enough, and I will continue to work with her.


" Absolute game changer!"


I had done some coaching sessions with Sam and we uncovered a fear of failure which was a complete blind spot for me.

For me, the fear of failure was showing up as procrastination, big time. We did a couple of hypnosis sessions and it was such a profound experience - it took me back to my earliest memory of failure and allowed me to re-program how I view failure.

Since my hypnosis, I haven’t procrastinated in the same way and I am moving forward with my business and life. Absolute game-changer.

Nicola Scott - Change Coach 

"After spending thousands of pounds on coaching I finally found Sam,"

 Sam has helped me in the areas in my business and mindset where I was stuck. The clarity, the decision making, the mindset shifts, and the blocks that stopped me from giving my full potential, Sam has helped me more than words can say, in my business and personal life. She makes things feel lighter like I don’t have the world on my shoulders, I can talk to her about anything and everything, even if it makes no sense to me ... she still gets it. Sam keeps me aligned, keeps me motivated and keeps me sane!! Before having 1-1 coaching with Sam I felt lost. Now I have so much clarity, I understand my behaviors, what motivates me and most of all Sam has given me have the confidence to believe in myself.


"After running my business for 10 years"

I felt that I needed to take it in a different direction. Sam helped me in the first instance to create that space to be able to allow the ideas for the next steps to arrive. And now she’s helping make those next steps happen.  Having a family life herself she knows the pitfalls that we fall into too easily - putting ourselves on the back burner and working on our businesses around nap times and childcare. Sam takes this into account and had helped me accelerate the pockets of time I have to maximum capacity without feeling over whelmed. She has a gift for reading through my words and sifting out the nuggets of what I’m really about! I’m only on the first part of my journey with Sam and I know I want to keep going with her. She gets excited when we get clarity and seeing you get your wins.
One of the biggest things for me is seeing and knowing the work she puts in on herself.  It’s not a case of do as I say. But more of here’s what I have done that works.  I always look forward to our weekly sessions, it’s now one of my none negotiattbles.
Sam has a gift for reading through my words and sifting out the nuggets of what I’m really about! I’m on the first part of my journey with Sam and I am already getting results. The tangible steps along with the mindset work is unlocking the future I want to create. Getting clarity on my next steps and seeing the wins feels amazing.

" I feel like a different person, happier, calmer, and better equipped to deal with life's challenges"


A lack of confidence has always been a real problem for me but this dropped even further after a terrible marriage and subsequent divorce from a narcissist.  For years I was living in a constant state of fear, terrified of losing my children and suffered low self esteem that progressively got worse.  Towards the end of last year, I realised something had to change and was introduced to Sam.  We started having coaching sessions, where Sam helped slowly break down my blocks and then introduced hypnotherapy, which literally sky rocketed my results.  I can honestly say that the combination of the two has changed my life.  I feel like a different person and am far happier, calmer and better equipped to deal with life's challenges.  

Miranda Bramhall - Health Coach



"Sam’s insight and support has been completely invaluable in repositioning my business"

After expanding my qualifications and deciding to make the transition from a Personal Trainer to a holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Sam steered me through a brilliant process that helped me pin down my ‘Unique Solution’ and how to communicate this to prospective clients. This clarity made the mammoth project of developing a whole new set of packages and content for my new website so much easier! 
I love Sam’s style of coaching; she’s a great listener and really tunes in, asking the right questions to help you drill down to specifics but also to simplify your language for clients and, crucially, to be clear about how you stand out. 
Before we looked at my business, we spent some time understanding my personal core values. This threw massive light on how I want to help people through my business and how I want to show up on social media and as a person every day. Having this ‘anchor’ of core values has been so grounding and empowering, both personally and on my business journey.
Sam also has great ideas about how to you can work smart, leveraging your valuable content, expertise and time to offer clients a range of solutions at different price points, without being spread too thin. As a solo entrepreneur, with a lot of ideas, it’s easy to get carried away and think you should offer ‘everything’! I have found Sam’s coaching on this so helpful and feel much more confident about focussing on what I’m best placed to offer and am most passionate about.
Thank you, Sam. So excited about the future of my business and am loving working with you!


"I feel that I can now start to live my life being the person I am"


Most of my life I felt rejected, my self worth was low (who would ever want me in their life) I'm not good enough, guilt (always apologising even if I was not to blame), I could not seem to get through these blockages. I then started to have Hypnotherapy with Sam and it has turned my life around. Those blockages are in the past, I feel that I can now start to live my life being the person I am. I'm just amazed at how much Hypnotherapy has helped me. Thank you Sam.  

Christine Stoneman 


" Sam is truly gifted in the way she listens to you as an individual and tailors ways forward specifically for you."


I can not recommend Sam and her gifts highly enough.  While she can not do the work for you, if you are really and truly ready for change, she will help you achieve the things you want in life by 'seeing' you and removing the barriers that are keeping you apart from from your visions.  The hypnosis was extremely effective for me because many of my old habits were not only emotional but unconsciously physically engrained in daily habits.  Sam's life coaching has been an extremely effective next step for me after my counselling was successfully completed.  I knew many of my bad habits and had already learned that to move forward we make daily choices.  If you have ever felt like you can see the life you want but can't reach it because glass is in the way, then Sam can help you break that glass and reach the other side.  Counselling help me get my head out of the past and into the present.  Sam's life coaching has helped me work better in the present to work toward a future that I want.  I found the hypnosis particularly effective because with Sam's guidance, I was able to go into my past and give my body and head new positive experiences to relate to.  It doesn't change the past, it is an emotional, psychological, and unconscious way of helping/healing the past to make positive change for the future.  I was worried about going back to my old ways when the blocks finished, but I haven't.  It is not even possible.  In being honest and open with Sam, the healing I gave myself through her hypnosis created permanent changes in me.  Sam's services are not the journey, they are the beginning.  She gives you the tools to make your own journey possible where other solutions might not have worked.  Only 'you' know most what you want (sometimes it is deep in there, but it is there) and only you can truly make those changes in life, but having good tools and a good mindset will make the journey much more achievable.  Sam will help you find your way if you are ready to be honest with yourself and her and open to trying new ways of thinking.  I took a leap of faith with Sam and haven't looked back.  My blocks finished over a month ago.  Not going to lie, change is not easy, but I absolutely know and believe now it is possible and that I 'can' achieve the change I want.  I feel much more calm, at peace and in patience with myself taking each day as it comes. 

Robyn Lawrence - Teacher


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  • Uncovers blocks and beliefs that inhibit growth. Retrains the brain to develop new behaviors for long-term success.
  • Puts a magnifying glass over the missing skills and underlying beliefs that halt your progress and leave you stuck.
  •  Helping you feel more connected to what you truly want. Grow your confidence, skills and mindset. Feel empowered and inspired and generate better results. 
When we get stuck, we subconsciously repeat behaviours, 
Circling beliefs and actions that don't serve us, yet unknowing how to get out of them.
At Slick, we call these blindspots and it is my job to help you uncover them and make them a thing of the past. 




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